UCTV Week is happening NOW!

What’s UCTV Week? From Monday, October 17th until Saturday October 22nd, we will be promoting and featuring all the great content and opportunities our organization has to offer.

The kick off for this week started with UConn First Night. Watch Part 1 and Part 2 of UConn First Night coverage with UCTV, WHUS and the Daily Campus!

→ Read The Daily Campus story about UConn First Night here.

A brand new episode of Off Camera Season 2 Episode 5!

→  Missed the last episode of Off Camera, or in the mood to binge watch a new show? Watch it here!

Keep an eye out for….

Coverage of the Homecoming Football Game!

Also from Entertainment, watch the newest from Cribs of UConn, and Social Intercourse!

→ Catch up on the latest episode of Cribs of UConn too!

And as always watch the UCTV News team cover the biggest stories this week as well on our Youtube Channel!  

To celebrate UCTV week, we will be giving away free UCTV Baseball Caps if you like us on social media! Stop by in the Student Union to pick up yours on Friday, October 21st during the homecoming tailgate!

Some of the homecoming events have already started, such as the and the homecoming parade , but look forward to all the other great events coming up this week. Find out more about what’s happening at http://homecoming.uconn.edu/events/.


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