This past weekend, UCTV celebrated a full academic year of hard work and friendship with the annual spring banquet at the Nathan Hale. Awards were distributed to members that gave their all this year as laughs were had, dances were dabbed, and speeches were slurred. Disappointed that you missed out? Fortunately, there was a photographer present to capture every nuance of the night.


Advertising Director Ryan Glista has been guiding his department in the continuation of filming informational videos about UConn Service Learning and UConn Education Abroad. Keep an eye out for those if you want to learn more! This past Monday he conducted a DSLR workshop with great turnout of interested folks around campus. To keep updated on UCTV’s variety of workshops, keep checking out the website.


Think you’re an individual like this guy? Then make sure to check out Advertisements newly completely video on the Individualized Major program to find out how you can best make your own path (tie not included).

As you can see, UCTV is quite the pro at entertaining. The Entertainment Department will continue their professionalism with the return of UCTV Politics on Thursday, March 21st for its last two debates on the Arab-Israeli Conflict and a Bernie vs. Hillary debate. Both debates will be produced by the new producer of the show…(drumroll)…Bianca D’Agostino! Other show updates include a new episode recently put out by the lovely folks at Weekly Programming.

UCTV6      UCTV5






Think you could handle the mic? The UConn Tonight Show is look for a new host and producer of the show for next semester. Guests on the popular program have included Rosario Dawson and Susan the Herbst herself. If you’re interested, reach out to Entertainment Director Tony Tyson at entertainment@uctv.uconn.edu.


Michelle Delmazio (dazzling smile on the left) will be taking the position as new Entertainment Director! She will be replacing the previous Director, Tony Tyson (heartfelt father figure on the right). For next year, Michelle is looking for an assistant, so if you want to collab with a fun team, be sure to apply, also at entertainment@uctv.uconn.edu.






In other news, UCTV completed their semesterly photo shoot this past weekend, which can be seen by the fine-tuned cheesing here. The shoot includes professional headshots and group photos of each department. Our LinkedIn’s have never looked so good.


And check out that display of finely dressed, fresh-faced people. Know who these young lads and ladies are? The NEW BOARD voted in for next semester! I know what you’re thinking: how do I become one of them? Well, the board is not completely squaded up yet—a General Manager and Web Developer/Graphic Designer are still needed for next year. Know someone who might be interested? Tell them to apply!

In conclusion, deuces to this year’s board. You guys did it. You did stuff.UCTV10


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