UCTV Operations has been busy this past semester developing the new website for UCTV, which is now published and open to the public. Now all UCTV info can be found in this one convenient, well-designed, and beautifully laid out interface. Feel free to explore and check it out!

UCTV also hired our first intern: Emily Roth! She will be joining us for the Spring semester, shadowing each department every week to learn about what is going on across the studio. Emily has been doing a great job so far and we look forward to checking in with her later to give us the down low on the UCTV intern experience.

I know one of the craziest parts of my past week was seeing UConn basketball’s Jalen Adams make a (MORE THAN) half-court shot right at the buzzer against Cincinnati at the American Athletic Conference Basketball Tournament on Friday. Luckily, UCTV’s Sports Department has been there from Thursday to Sunday. Ryan Kim and Justin Ayer have been attending every game to recap the excitement for UConn basketball fans.

Sports not your thing? If you’re into music, UCTV’s Advertising Department has been hard at work finishing up the edits on a promotional video for Husky Records, UConn’s first and only official record label. They have also been pitching a big video to Sober Xpress, a local sober rides company owned by Lance Graziano. If you have been missing partying it up around Storrs over your Spring Break, you can look forward to their assistance when you get back.

But break can cause a nasty outbreak of wanderlust—I’m getting pretty overwhelmed by peoples’ Snapchat stories full of beach parties and exotic geotags. UCTV Advertising will also be filming an informational video about the UConn Study Abroad Program, so you can check out all the places you can go while also studying up (sort of). Or, for those on a tighter budget like me (Spring Break=treat yourself=woops=ramen for weeks), they will also be filming a video about UConn’s Office of Public Engagement Service Learning program, allowing students to get involved more locally.

And if you can’t get enough of UCTV yet, Advertising will be creating a video to promote UCTV Marketing Department’s #UCTVWaldo campaign. If you want to trade up that ramen for $100 in gift cards, you might want to stay tuned to check that out.


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